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Amazing Wedding Shoes

As a male wedding photographer, I probably shouldn’t shout too loudly about finding shoes particularly exciting! Especially wedding shoes.

Perhaps it is because my first Saturday job was in a shoe shop that I am writing this post!

However, a recent post on the Herefordshire Brides and Wedding Suppliers Facebook group and a recent third place for one of my photographs of ‘Alternative Wedding Shoes’ (see this post on my blog) got me thinking.

So here are some of my favourite wedding shoes from the past few years.

This pair of Jane Shilton heels started my shoe collection back in 2009 and (the picture on the left) won a joint first in a national competition voted for by wedding photographers. As you can see from the little picture along, they were photographed on the bride’s black kitchen work surface looking out into their garden. A few in camera tricks and some secret weapons resulted in a prize-winning picture.

That will do nicely!

These shoes were the first that really caught my eye and made me realise how important the bride’s shoes were to her and how much they reflected their personality and what they wanted from their wedding day. Not only are they heels to die for (or from!) but they were a colour that couldn’t be missed.

After seeing these and realising that shoes are almost as important as the dress, I made sure that I always captured a picture of the bride’s shoes at every wedding.

Now these are awesome! I’m not sure that the ‘diamonds’ were laid by hand or that they were real (my current client group doesn’t extend to that level – yet!), but they looked amazing, especially on the gloss wood in the bridal suite at The Chase Hotel, Ross on Wye.

No prizes, but can you guess what I put them on to get the picture?

Answer after the next picture featuring the same shoes…

Hannah should know, they were her shoes! And it was the bedside table.

Knowing that Hannah & Chris (and the majority of their family & friends) were into skiing, we had to do something different and get the boots in there somehow. As they were a young, modern couple, they brought a lot of ski toys along to the wedding and we had a great time getting the group shots and these complimentary pictures as well.

Now these are shoes for brides whose fiance that is much taller than them. Combine this with a little photographic trick or two (in camera of course – no Photoshop cheats here!) and it is possible to cut the height difference even further without making either person look silly.

As for these shoes, I think that the flower finishes them off and says something extra about their wedding day.

The previous picture was a grab shot (hence the extra foot in the picture) and not one that I am especially proud of. However, I do like to try different ideas for photographing weddings – including shoes – and this was my first time photographing at Homme House.

Not all of them work especially well and, while not a ‘bad’ picture of this bride’s wedding shoes, it is not an arrangement that I can see myself repeating too often. Especially as it makes the shoes look like they are different sizes!

This is however and arrangement that I have managed to capture many times and have never had to ‘set up’ so it always remains natural. And why shouldn’t the groom get his shoes in the picture as well. After all they complete the picture of the wedding day and, in this example, have taken more thought and cost than the bride’s shoes. (This bride got hers for a fraction of the cost from eBay!)

These were the ‘stand by’ wedding shoes for the bridal party at a marquee wedding in the bride’s family garden / farm and were, thankfully, not used despite the rain on the day. They were all hand painted by the bride and bridesmaids shortly before the wedding during a family get together. A great idea for alternatives to the ‘hen party’.

They say that you are only as good as your last…

Well this was my last wedding in 2011 and this, along with a matching picture of the bride’s flowers, would make a great page in the wedding storybook album.

Whichever style of wedding shoes you choose (boys & girls) be sure that they are comfortable first – you will be spending a lot of time standing up on your wedding day – and say something about you and your wedding.

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